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Fall Quater 2016







Winter Quarter 2014

Louise Koo, Journalist
Hannah Rawdin, Director of Publicity

Fall Quarter 2013


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and supported our efforts to raise $1,500 for Nick and Cathy Ponds. We revealed the news to Nick and Cathy at our last Volunteer Day of fall quarter on November 24, 2013. We celebrated over a Thanksgiving feast that we prepared for the families at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. The funds were used to repair Cathy's car so that she can drive the long distance from the House to obtain Nick's pain medication. The car is currently being repaired and we can't wait until it's finished! Nick is looking forward to long drives in the car with his mom, a favorite past time from his childhood. 

Fall Quarter Newsletter

Hannah Rawdin, Director of Publicity
Shawyan Yazdanmehr, Journalist 
Emily Westerfield, Photographer
Maddie Sladek, Photographer